Your City, Your App

Explore and connect with your city like never before.

Welcome to a groundbreaking local app that takes you and your city to a new level through the idea of fun, saving and giving! 

It’s not what you buy, it’s what you buy into!

What if you could

Get offered a special price (only for you) at every business you support.

Be rewarded for discovering new dishes and new places.

Know about every event and never miss anything fun that you can do with your kids, date, or family.

Become a philanthropist with the push of a button.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all in one place?

What is Do Good and Save?

Is an app and platform designed to find all the fun & useful stuff you didn’t know about where you work and live. Everything we are making is designed to make your day to day a little better.

Why Do Good and Save Works

It’s Fun

Earn points and prizes discovering your city through daily raffles, watching “did you know” videos and contests.

It Saves You Money.

Member Only deals, offers, and access like our first of a kind “citywide” punchcard; FREE food for Do Good and Savers, services and daily specials for workers, families, couples and singles.

Makes Giving Back Easy

Use some of the rewards and loyalty you’ve earned to donate to a cause with a tap of a button.

Here’s the Plan

1. Download the app

Know and connect to what matters in your city.

2. Become a Do Good and Saver

Take advantage of all the goodies in your City!

3. Grow together

Have fun, save money, and give back while doing it!

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