What is Cty611, exactly?

Cty611 is a patent pending software system that automates the process of obtaining a business license. It then takes the license information and creates an accurate, up-to-date directory linked from the City’s website, as well as an official mobile app –a convenient perk very few cities offer. From there, businesses can advertise within the city and beyond. Local residents can also locate every local business and organization by name, category, or address, even by business hours.

Is it free?

Cty611 is free to cities and licensed businesses. Businesses are listed in the directory for free, and have the option of purchasing Enhanced Listings at a price far less than other advertising outlets. Enhanced Listings can include coupons, announcements and even customized video commercials!

Who can participate?

Cty611 is available to licensed businesses only within the Cty611 partner cities. This ensures that our information is up-to-date and accurate and that our customers can find exactly what they’re searching for.

What’s easy about it?

Cty611 makes it easy for city hall, businesses, residents, schools, and organizations in the same community to communicate with one another via our website, Business Dashboard and official city mobile app—sending out the right message to the right people at the right time.

Dashboard? What’s that?

Dashboard is an exclusive, patent-pending service uniquely provided by Cty611. It allows businesses to target their marketing to specific customers at any time. Want to send out a lunch special to a thousand new potential customers? Use the Dashboard! Need a special deal from a local business? Dashboard. It gives your offline place an online face!

Why are cities participating in Cty611? What’s in it for them?

Cty611 automates the process of getting a business license, saving cities time and money. We provide the service for free. This allows cities to offer automated licenses and renewals to local businesses, helping the business community grow.

What happens to all that private business license information?

All personal information is secure and never shared. Our directory lists only public information. We never share or sell emails, data, or private information of any kind.

What about non-profit organizations? Does it help them?

Cty611 provides a free listing of all non-profit clubs and organizations within an Cty611 partner city. We also make it easier for local businesses to sponsor local non-profit groups by creating that connection on our site. The pizza place can easily sponsor a soccer team as it renews its business license!

What about Chambers of Commerce? How does this help them?

Cty611 actually helps the local chambers increase their public presence and gain new members by being part of our network. Businesses can sign up instantly to join the Chamber when they obtain or renew their licenses. Chamber businesses can also be highlighted in our Business Directory.

How does Cty611 make its money?

We earn our money by selling affordable Enhanced Listings to local businesses at an affordable cost –actually 60-70% less than other media! We offer different options to suit the needs of each business and work directly with business owners to ensure that the awesome benefits of an Cty611 Enhanced Listing are not only utilized, but completely optimized.

What’s this Cty611 Neighborhood Network?

The Cty611 Neighborhood Network is made up of city hall, organizations, schools, businesses, and residents all working together. Everything in your city becomes easily accessible through the Cty611 Neighborhood Network.