It's not what you buy ... It's what you buy into.

The Cty611 Movement is not just about shopping local. Cty611 is about a community working together to make a difference.

  • “As a community partner we love being part of Cty611 because we believe in their morals of keeping business local and helping our community grow! It’s just a really wonderful opportunity for people to get more local, be in their city, and do more in their community!”

    Steve Hollins - Chick-fil-A Operator
  • "When you use MPK Today 611, you can discover a lot of new stuff in the city… This is just fantastic. If you look at MPK Today 611, you can discover all the little secrets in the city."

    Peter Chan - Mayor of Monterey Park
  • “This is intense! I never knew I wanted to know what I’ve been learning about my city, , I love this app and, I use it every day. The fact I can report non emergency situations in a flash is fantastic and allows me to be a part of what keeps Buena Park safe and beautiful for all to enjoy! I hope more Buena Park businesses join in ...after all, they are local too! Thanks guys!”

    Robin Lewis - Buena Park
  • “It’s so important to give our students tools to feel connected to their community! I feel that in today’s day in age, many people forget the importance of community; and with so many gizmos, and, gadgets out there it’s hard for our new generation to get that sense of community. I feel that Cty611 really bridges the gap between community and technology in a really unique way that brings everyone together!”

    Elizabeth Roberts - Buena Park Middle School Teacher
  • “I’ve been with the Boys and Girls club for 16 years and I’ve seen the growth and impact our children go through with our program. I find that community is really important to us, and Cty611 really brings that importance to the attention of the locals”

    Todd Trout - Chief Professional Officer Boys & Girls Club
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