Thanks to your city, your business license now does more for you than hang on the wall and collect dust. Now you can use it to gain presence on the city’s online business directory and connect with local organizations, schools, residents and visitors –we call this the Neighborhood Network.

Put yourself out there and let your community get to know you. We understand your business is unique and that the relationship you strive to create with your customers is a priority. With Cty611 Enhanced Listings you have the opportunity to communicate with your valued customers and attract the attention of new ones. Among other great features available on the Enhanced Listing, we can help you create engaging video ads showcasing you, your business, your products and services.

With the support of the city, we keep costs 60-70% lower than other non-local companies that do less for you. These are just a few of Cty611’s unique advantages:

  1. We create the Neighborhood Network –and with our mobile app are able to connect all stakeholders in the community.
  2. We provide a City Powered Mobile App that has the most up-to-date and complete directory of licensed businesses and organizations in town. Help users avoid the inconvenience of showing up at a restaurant that is no longer in business.
  3. We encourage residents to support their community and shop local while saving time and money. Why drive two towns over for something you can find across the street?
  4. We aid local organizations via the CrowdGiving feature on our mobile app. We facilitate that relationship between organizations and businesses that helps foster a true sense of community.

Now it’s easy for you to reach out to the community through your city’s official mobile app, support local groups and grow your business. We enable you to link customers to your website, share special promotions, and keep yourself top of mind. Whether you are looking to reward customer loyalty, increase foot traffic, or publicize special events, Cty611 can help you do it.